What is Kumara?

About KumaraHub

The KumaraHub is an Australian based company that was established in 2003.  It now has an affiliated company in Hong Kong called aMindset.  The KumaraHub is an online resource for Spiritual, Psychological and Esoteric information. It also offers counselling, executive coaching, group mentoring to individuals and organisations. With over 15 years of experience in presenting workshops and facilitating psychotherapy and counselling it offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The KumaraHub website provides a comprehensive information resource on the subject of spiritual and emotional well-being. It has general advice, and gives pathways to professional help where indicated.

Liz McCaughey, the co-founder and director of the company, has vast experience of spiritual practises and with treating psychological and emotional problems. She is, at present, adding to that spiritual knowledge through her studies with the Arcane School in London & New York. And she is adding to her psychological knowledge with a Masters Degree in Counselling through Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Kumara – Can Help You

Kumara is a place of healing that uses conventional psychotherapy and psychology with meditation and holistic remedies. The online forum offers many insightful learning and healing experiences through its many articles.

In every day life the Kumara experience can help you:

  • Reduce stress and help with pain management
  • Bring more focus and productivity to your life.
  • Reduce anxiety through knowledge and simple techniques
  • Help manage depression and sadness
  • Assist with blood pressure and related diseases
  • Find inner calm throughout the day
  • Connect with a large community of illuminated souls
  • Learn the trick to achieving happiness
  • Help you to emotionally heal yourself and your family

What is Kumara… To find out more continue to explore Kumara through its online portal


"Whatever you do, you should do it with feeling" - Yogi Berra

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